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Why art-by-olga?

We all have something to give. Time, money but also skills, talents, networks and other resources. Inspired by a keynote at a Social Impact Forum in 2019, I also wanted to give more and share. I thought sharing my talent would be a perfect way to start.

I've always been painting, drawing, experimenting with new mediums, materials and forms of art. Since I was a kid, my parents took me to art classes and I devoured "how to paint" books. Encouraged by early successes, I developed a keen eye and swift hand. I attended an extracurricular school as a teenager and polished my skills while doing my Masters of Architecture at Uni.

Working life and moving countries pulled me back from pursuing my passion in any organised and consistent manner, but I decided to reconnect with it in 2018, after a long, deep look inside, triggered by an unhappy and stressful time at work.

"What is it that I actually want to be doing?", I asked myself. "Helping more" was usually on the list and "Art" was always there, although pushed deep into the subconscious, because "who takes art seriously", right? Now it seems obvious, but initially I didn't really know how I might connect the dots, so when the idea finally hit me, it just felt right. Creating art and using it to help people. All through the power of the internet and scalable model so that the impact is not limited by my human, time and space limitations.

What do you think about the idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so leave a comment below or get in touch!


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