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  • Where can I see the art in person? Do you exhibit?
    I take part in multiple art exhibitions, group shows and art fair each year. To get information about upcoming shows, sign up to my mailing list or follow me on social media. Additionally, Storehouse in St Kilda carries a few of my works, and you can also book a studio visit. Get in touch to organise a viewing.
  • Do you do art commissions?
    I'm always interesting on working on interesting projects and helping people find art they love, so I'm happy to discuss your ideas and create a customised painting for you. Get in touch at to enquire
  • I have a question, idea and opportunity. How do I get in touch?
    If you have questions regarding paintings, collaborations, commissions or other opportunities, email me at or use the contact form.
  • What inspires you?
    I'm inspired by many influences and philosophies, as well as nature and the world around me. It's hard to pinpoint but some artists I enjoy are: Joan Mitchel, Claud Monet, David Hockney. Philosophies I'm exploring: zen, mysticism, essentialism. Styles I enjoy: Expressionism, impressionism, mystical abstraction. Also nature, her shapes and colours, is an endless source of inspiration.
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