About Olga Dziemidowicz

the artist behind art-by-olga

Olga is a Melbourne-based artist from Poland.

She paints both realistic, as well as abstract paintings, often using bold colours to express life, vibrancy, and the energy of the world around us. ​


Having started her career as an architect and later an experience & innovation designer, in late 2018 she realised that Art has always been her true passion. In 2019 she decided to commit to painting and art wholeheartedly because "life is too short not to do what you love".


In her current work, she wants to convey joy, courage, and freedom, explore the nature of the human condition through abstracts as well as more figurative paintings.

Each piece, guided by intuition, emerges from a process of adding and subtracting until Olga feels it's done.


Feel free to follow her on social media and find out more about her journey on the blog.

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