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Where do I donate?

You might think that giving to charity doesn't work.

I thought so too. For years. I was skeptical and didn’t give that much. Sometimes, out of guilt, I did. “Is it really helping anyone?” I thought. Like many, I didn’t want to pay for “the office, printing and overheads” of charities. This argument is probably the biggest objections volunteers and charities face.

There’s a different way.

charity: water was one of the first, if not the first, charities that found a solution to this (they’re innovative like that). They have a model where 100% of every public donation goes straight to the field. And they fund their operations through other means and private donors. Yeah, that means when we donate, 100% fund clean water projects.

Why charity: water?

The reason why I chose clean water as my primary cause is that it’s so basic! It’s great to help people at all stages of life with personal and professional development, but if so many people still don’t have access to the most basic and most essential thing, like water? It's just so unfair! I wanted to start there to help move the needle on inequalities in the world.

I decided to donate to charity: water after learning more about their projects, methods and impact they're making, thrillingly described in their new book “Thirst”, where the Founder, Scott Harrison, talks about the whole story. How he started, and used his unorthodox methods to raise money for people in need. No spoilers! Curious to find out more? Check out the book.

According to stats mentioned in the book (and there’s a lot of info on the WHO website), half of diseases in the developing countries are due to dirty water. So unnecessary! Charities like charity: water are doing amazing things to change that and I want to help them do that. Join me.


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