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One chapter is ending, a new one begins.

One chapter is ending...

My mom passed away on 13.12.2019. She was my best friend and the best mom. She lost her battle with cancer.

This last December I planned to come to Poland to spend what I thought the last Christmas with her. Turned out it wasn't. It was the first Christmas without her. We buried her the week before, with so many other people bidding her farewell.

There was sadness, guilt, despair, and all the other emotions present in similar situations. But there was also so much love...

My thoughts go to my dad, my sister and everyone affected by mom's passing, as well as to all the people who have lost their loved ones. I hope you were/are/will be able to find peace and create a loving future.

It took me a little while to process what had happened. So many thoughts and emotions, triggered by things, smells, conversations, other thoughts... I'm lucky to have been able to spend some decent time with the family. Not really exploring the future, but being in the present. Just being together.

Now, instead of thinking about all the things mom and I are never going to experience again, I'm grateful for all the things we were able to do. Not only having the opportunity to spend two more years since the diagnosis but primarily for the wonderful 30+ years. I'm forever grateful for having been brought up in this family. 🙏

I'm back in Melbourne. A new chapter begins. It will be different, but nothing is ever the same. Hope 2020 or The Year of the Rat will bring you joy and prosperity. And be grateful for what you have. Remember, life's short.

If you're dealing with something and would want to talk about anything, my channels are open.

Lots of love to you all ♥️


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