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My story

I’m an artist and I'm currently based in Melbourne. Although I've been passionate about painting and drawing since early childhood, I did not go to art school like I initially intended but veered towards a more socially respected degree in architecture. The problem was that I wasn’t passionate about it.

Even after finishing my degree and working in the industry for a few years, I knew it wasn’t my path. I decided to change careers a few years in. Working in design studios and later in corporate offices, I felt something was missing. And the feeling was getting louder and louder.

After another year of working 9 to 5 in a job that wasn’t connected to art, I finally reached my tipping point and in 2019 I found my courage to change it and made the decision to pursue my passion for art as a “serious” career. Life was happening and I didn’t want to waste a second more doing things I didn’t love. So I quit my job and here I am.

I believe that life's too short to waste, being stuck in jobs, places, and relationships that don’t bring you joy. Too short to listen to the opinions of others, society and “norms”. I believe we should be listening to what we believe is best for us and that we shouldn’t be afraid to do it. Some people might get upset, surprised or angry for a moment, but I learned that they quickly forget and move on. We can’t make everyone “happy” with our choices, nor should we. At the end of the day, you’re living your life so go live it the way you want.

I enjoy playing with colour and composition, usually abstracting what I feel and see around me. Playful and cheerful explorations of the possibilities of paint on canvas and paper. Self-expression and joy of life. If these ideas resonate with you, I believe you’ll connect with my work.

By living a life of passion and freedom I’m hoping to inspire others to live a life of joy as well.

With love,



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