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Launched to celebrate World Water Day!

Today I’ve officially launched my new project. Here you can get art, and do good at the same time. The model is simple, you buy artworks you love, and 50% of the profits is donated to vetted charities.

It’s about using whatever we have to help others. We all have resources we can share like skills, talents, time, networks etc. I want to use my talent and passion for painting to help make an impact in the world.

Shocked by the statistic that there are still 2.1 billion people who do not have safely managed water, and inspired by the work described in charity: water’s new book, “Thirst”, I decided charity: water to be the first charity recipient. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of the proceeds given to charity: water will directly fund clean water solutions.

I really want to help the people who have nothing. We’re so lucky here in Australia, and although I realise that there are issues to be solved in Australia, people in those developing countries don’t have access to all the support we do. And the Australian dollar has a lot more impact there.

I chose to launch today, on World Water Day, to raise awareness of the issue of lack of clean water in so many parts of the world. You can learn more on the World Health Organisation’s website.

If you’d like to support me on the mission, sign up for updates and consider buying some art. New collections will be created every other month. You can also follow me on Instagram at art_by_olga_d

I’m going to donate 100% of the digital art sales from March to get things started.

Please spread the word! Let’s help people get access to clean water together.


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