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art by olga

I'm a Melbourne-based visual artist. I paint to bring joy to people and the spaces they spend time in. Through my art I also want to spread awareness of the issues and causes I donate to.

People, landscapes, colors and nature inspire me, as well as my personal growth journey, that I capture in my symbolic, abstract paintings.

I often use acrylics, for their vibrant colors and versatility. I mix it with pastels, drawing and mark-making, ink and other mediums. I like expressing myself in different ways, that's why you'll find a wide variety of themes and styles. From semi-realistic portraits, symbolic illustrative pieces, to non figurative abstractions.

Drawing and painting is my life-long passion. I was taught visual art, painting, drawing, sculpture at a 3 year Public Art School in Poland, and have a masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Wroclaw University of Technology.


You can purchase my original paintings from this site, ass well as by contacting me directly. I post frequently on Instagram and Facebook, so follow me there for the latest art.

I sell prints on demand, I take commissions, and I can do live painting at your next event.

I you have questions or would like to receive a quote,

please send an email to:

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