A wedding painter 

I offer live painting at a limited number of weddings every year. Get in touch to ask for details.

There have been changes due to the Covid pandemic and restrictions in Melbourne. Get in touch to ask about getting a painting commissioned from a photo.

50x60cm wedding bouquet painting $350

50x70cm wedding ceremony painting 

(painted in the studio from photo $550 


A set of two (as above) - $750





What you get:

When things go back to normal, there are two most popular options

to choose from:

Medium painting 50x70cm

painted live at the wedding  (from $750)

Large painting 60x90 cm 

painted live at the wedding     (from $950)

How it works:

I will come to the venue early to set up and put the initial brushstrokes. Then, most of the painting will be created live at the event for you and your guests to enjoy.


Get a sneak peek of the process or wait for the reveal at the end. The painting reveal can be incorporated into the wedding agenda or in some circumstances delivered at a later point after a few touchups in the studio. Prints and greeting cards with the artwork can be made and offered as a keepsake or thank you for your guests. 


We have a meeting or call prior to your event to discuss your needs and logistics, you select your package and optional extras. The deposit and fee is paid before the event.

Email me at olga@art-by-olga.com or fill out the form below today.

painting size 45x60cm

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