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Custom Art



How it works


Your story

Tell me about a place you love.

I'll listen...


My Passion

I'll create a personal, expressive landscape painting for you, based on your story.​


Your Artwork

Connect with the places you love, and bring that feeling home. 

Satisfaction Guarantee*

Do you ever miss home, your home town or a place where your life was shaped and memories made? Let me help you reconnect with it and bring it to life through art!



Why landscapes?

I believe we are a part of the natural world. Nature makes us happy. I believe that by connecting to nature and bringing it home we can achieve a better sense of wellbeing. Same with art. Combining art and nature, views of landscapes and places that we love we remind ourselves of who we are and reconnect. 


What is a "Satisfaction Guarantee?

I realise that art is subjective. I want to give you the confidence to trust me to engage in this process.

It's a guarantee that if you don't like the painting I create for you, you get a full refund, no questions asked!

It's also a way for me to feel free when I'm creating, without feeling pressure to perform. I find the paintings feel more enjoyable to create and look better too!



What's the timeframe?

The whole process will take about 3 weeks from our first meeting. I want us to have enough time to know each other and create something unique together. If you need it quicker, let's talk. 


Why is there a waiting list?

I can take a limited amount of commissions each month so to manage expectations and give you clarity about timeframes. 


How much is it?

Starting from $500 for a medium sized work, up till a very large work for $10000 if you'd like. The sky is the limit and we work together to create a piece that will create memories, connection and joy for you. Book a free 15 chat to explore >>